Heel Pain


Heel pain is an extremely common complaint that affects the front heel, back heel, or both. Patients with this problem tend to think it’s normal or just sore and continue with their normal activities. Neglecting it only causes added stress to the area of discomfort, which can lead to chronic and more severe issues.


- Pain at the heel that can radiate to the toes or up the leg

- Burning, tingling, numbness

- Sore calf muscles

- Cold feet

- Signs of infection

- Swelling and bruising of back of foot

- Redness, warmth at area

Common Causes

- Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

- Peripheral Neuropathy

- Plantar Fasciitis

- Bone Spur

- Achilles Tendonitis

- Trauma

- Bursitis

- Diabetes

- Other Diseases


- Surgical repair

- Orthotics

- Anti-inflammatory medications

- Cortisone injections

- Exercises and stretches

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