6 Causes and Cures for Foot Pain


Millions of Americans suffer from foot pain. Understanding the pain and how to fix it, are the first steps toward recovery. Dr. David Jenson, a Houston podiatrist, offers advice.

Healthy feet are an essential part of an active lifestyle. If you are one of the millions of Americans with aching feet, the following six cures will put a “kick” back in your step!

Your foot is a complex structure of bones, ligaments, joints, and muscles.  There are over 26 bones and dozens of ligaments in the foot. If these parts fail to work together properly, pain develops.  One helpful tip for aching feet is to perform foot stretches throughout the day. These stretches can be performed by stretching your calf muscles by pressing backwards toward your heel while slightly bending the knee. By gently stretching the calf muscles in your legs during a runner's stretch and wearing supportive shoes, you can avoid small tissue tears in the band in your arch that causes your feet to ache consistently during and after activity.

While stretching your foot may help, many people’s feet have structural flaws that have caused their feet to not develop properly. Minor flaws in ones arches can result in back and shoulder issues. It is best to get your feet checked by a podiatrist who can analyze if custom orthotics would help correct these structural flaws in your feet. Dr. David Jenson, a Houston podiatrist, recommends that parents have their children examined before the age of 10 to see if orthotics will make a difference for their bones and muscles during their growing years. Dr. Jenson also offers orthotic flip flops and an orthotic sandal that can be worn for those that do not wear shoes during the warmer months.

Many people’s feet ache because they wear the wrong type of shoe. Your shoes may look nice but they may not provide important foot support. It is worth investing in a good pair of shoes. Asics are a running shoe recommended by many podiatrists but there are many good options. Rule of thumb: don’t sacrifice shoe quality for style. Nothing will do more damage to your feet than wearing a pair of shoes that do not fit and have little arch support!

While not always painful, dirty feet can cause major problems. Let’s face it, your feet get hot and sweaty and without care, the damp areas can lead to toenail and fungal problems. It is best to keep your feet clean, dry, and periodically odorize your shoes. It is even worth considering cleaning your shower floor from time to time. Many people suffer from a toenail fungus that causes the nail to discolor and thicken. Dr. David Jenson offers a special laser fungal toenail treatment in Houston that has a 98% success rate of curing this problem.

A less common problem with feet and ankles is that of nerve entrapment. Often nerves become swollen and pinched within anatomic tunnels in the leg, foot, and ankle. Dr. David Jenson can perform a specialized nerve decompression surgery that fixes this problem. If you experience burning, tingling, or numbness in your feet or legs you may have pinched nerves and should be checked by Dr. David Jenson or a member of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons (AENS).

Obesity is something that more and more adults and children are suffering from. Obesity and the lack of exercise can lead to foot pain and lawsuits. The cure for foot pain is to prevent the pain in the first place. It is recommended that daily moderate exercise with supportive shoes is part of your lifestyle.

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